A very warm welcome from
Gabby Doula
Birth Practitioner

Gabby helps you by offering...


Meeting with you three times prior to the birth of your child to discuss your preferences and to build a trusting, supportive relationship.


Gabby will  make herself available to you 24 hours a day from 7 days prior to your due date to ensure she is present at your child's birth.

After Care

Visiting with you when you have returned home to listen to your thoughts and feelings about your child's birth and to give you further support if you need it.

Courses and Workshops

Throughout 2023 I will be offering:

  • Face to face NCT Antenatal Courses
  • Pregnancy Relax, Stretch and Breathe
  • Postnatal Listening Circles  
  • Mother and Baby Yoga 
  • Sleep and Baby Number 2 Workshops 
  • Full day retreats with Doula and Therapist Lynne Bell, at The Mill, Duddington. 

Planning has started for the Bumps, Bubbles and Bonding 2024 retreats which will be held in country hotels throughout the UK and the stunning island of Mallorca.  

Contact me for details of any of the above or click on the Courses or Retreat links.


Would you like Gabby to be your doula?