BirthTactics Antenatal and Postnatal Retreat Days and Overnight Retreat Stays

BirthTactics Overnight Antenatal Retreat at Castle Ashby 2024

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BirthTactics Bump, Bubbles and Bonding Retreats

These retreats are held  in a range of hotels throughout the UK and Mallorca. Bumps, Bubbles and Bonding are retreats for couples to relax, discuss all things pregnancy, labour and birth,  and consider their birth preferences before their baby arrives.

In the UK we will be offering a weekend retreat at The Falcon Hotel, Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire, home to Lord and Lady Northampton.

At this beautiful, tranquil setting our retreat will welcome you on the Friday night where you will meet the other retreat guests along with Lynne Bell and myself.  On Saturday we will start the Birthtactics Your Birth Your Baby Antenatal Course accompanied by treatments in the Spa, relaxing walks in the grounds and time out for you to enjoy the venue.  Mid- afternoon the Saturday sessions end with afternoon tea for all.

Sunday starts with a delicious breakfast, more time out and pampering with the final Birthtactics Your Birth Your Baby course session. 

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BirthTactics Weekends Retreats in Mallorca and April 2025

BirthTactics Bump, Bubbles and Bonding Retreat
April 2025


Mallorca will be welcoming you in early October for a beautiful Antenatal Retreat on the Island.  It will follow the BirthTactics Your Birth Your Baby Antenatal Course sessions however the difference will be the warmth of the island, the wonderful local therapists who will offer pregnancy massage, gentle flow dance, pool relaxation and movement etc. Delicious local food and hospitality.

A full list of add on options will be available from the end of May for you to book as part of your retreat package.

Lynne and I joke how it is possible to fly to the Mallorca for less than the price of parking in London!  Our suggestion is that if you are having a baby in early 2023 then come and meet other couples having babies at the same time, book your course and flights early and return to the UK winter informed and prepared for your baby’s birth and relaxed from having time away with your birth partner before your baby arrives.

Unlike the UK retreats it would be possible for you to stay longer than the weekend should you wish, either at the venue or perhaps moving on for a short city break in Palma.

BirthTactics UK Bubbles, Babies and Bonding a Postnatal Retreat for mothers and babies.

Come and meet new friends or perhaps make a group booking?

These retreats will be held at beautiful venues within hours drive of Northampton or a 1 hour train journey from London Kings Cross station

November 2024 and March 2025

A week day retreat for mothers and their babies under 6 months.

Relax and Unwind – during the day take time to enjoy a spa treatment or a massage, join in a relaxation session, discuss life with a new baby and how you feel about becoming a mother. Talk about introducing solids to your baby or learn how your babies adjust to your baby’s individual, natural sleep rhythms.

Enjoy being fed healthy snacks and a delicious lunch. Relax and bond with your baby without having to worry about everyday life. In the warm weather chat in the jacuzzi, bounce on the trampoline or just lay on a sunbed and enjoy the surroundings.

In the autumn or winter relax by the fire and take part in a mindfulness, relax, stretch and breath session. The day ends with afternoon tea for everyone.

Use the contact Gabby form to register your interest.

BirthTactics UK Bubbles and Bonding a Postnatal Retreat for Mothers

May, 2024

These retreats will be held at beautiful venues within hours drive of Northampton or a 1 hour train journey from London Kings Cross station

May 2024

Mother’s Retreat…. Can you leave your baby or toddler  with your partner or family for the day and take time out for yourself? So many mothers need to take some time to unwind. Come and talk to other mothers about becoming a mother and what that means to you. Be spoilt with delicious food in a relaxing environment. Take part in a ‘relax, stretch and breathe’ session. Pre-book your spa treatments so you can return to your family feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Enjoy a massage or reflexology treatment, perhaps take part in a baking workshop or learn to knit or sew.

These retreats will be held in beautiful hotels or country houses throughout the UK and on the island of Mallorca. The different venues will offer variations of the above ideas, for example baking may be making pasta or the jacuzzi may be an indoor pool -see full details of the venue when booking.