'Let's Talk About' - How Are You Feeling About Baby Number 2?

How are you  feeling about baby number 2? A 2 hour workshop designed to enable open discussion and support This is one of those unspoken topics that can fill us with anxiety and apprehension. So, let’s talk about it… The decision to bring a second baby into the family circle can be incredibly exciting, daunting and life changing. Having announced your second baby is on the way mothers are often flooded with mixed emotions the changes a second baby will bring. How will their first baby or toddler react? How will you cope with 2 children? Will you have enough love to go around? Are you letting your first baby down by sharing your love and attention? Feeding 2 babies, is that even possible? Should I wean our baby before his/her sibling arrives? Most mothers feel this way, it’s ok, change can be daunting, exciting and fearful. This workshop helps you relax and prepare for change.

Delicious refreshments and drinks included.

Date  21st  October 2024
Time  1.30pm to 4pm
Places limited so book early

Event Information

Event Date TBC
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price £30.00
Location To be Confirmed

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