April 2024

28TH April – start of Maternal Mental Health Week
As we enter this week I will be posting lots of links for information and support groups on my
Lincolnshire Doula and Northants Doula FB Pages
Links below:

April is C – Birth Awareness Month – take a look at my fb page for details of the births I have supported in theatre

Baby Connie – born over 7 years ago. This was a planned C-section after a great deal of heartbreak.  Connie  was long awaited and is a funny and loving sister to Poppy

Baby Fletcher was an category 1 emergency c-birth –  born in May 2016, he is my 1st Grandson.  How is he now 8 years old??

Baby Bertie born by elective c section in  August 2019 – he’s my 2nd Grandson! He was a big baby and immediately snuggled onto his mummy’s chest for skin to skin

Baby B, a gentle c-birth after a long labour following a cancelled homebirth due to covid staff shortages.  Daddy S was unsure how he would be in theatre so before the birth we agreed doula Gabby would support mummy R

Baby W – born last July, a planned C-birth at Northampton General Hospital.  Up until 10pm the night before her birth I was planning to support in theatre then at the last minute B’s mummy’s best friend was free and able to join them for the birth.  Doula care doesn’t stop if the plans change.  I was on call to take the placenta home to put if the fridge and let lovely pet dog out!